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Rag Tag Box is an exclusive monthly subscription box curated & designed by me, Nicole, of Spot Colors. Each month's theme is carefully chosen to reflect a fun, whimsical, scifi, or movie theme. The box features a cross stitch kit designed by me which includes pattern, instructions, thread, fabric, needle, hoops, and colors list...just add scissors!


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October - Oh, The Horror!
November - Killer Clowns
January - Comics
March - Totally 80's
September - Snack Attack
November - Stranger Things
December - Son of a Nut Cracker!
January - You Buggin'
February - Love Stitched
July - Summer Nights
September - Stitch Notions
December - Sugar & Spice
March - Floral + Foul
April - The Kraken
May - The Muppets


Digital delivery of awesome cross stitch patterns for only $5!

Items in our Rag Tag Box and Pattern Club are EXCLUSIVE to the membership!  They may appear later on down the road for sale in our online store, but you will be the first the grab at a discount rate!



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The Mental Health Benefits of Cross Stitching

I started cross stitching as a child. My mother taught my sister and I when we were little. A couple of years ago my mom came across her box of old thread and patterns and handed it over to my sister and I. After 20 or so years idle, we both picked up where we left off and little did we know it would be a very relaxing, stress relieving "retreat". I almost crave it. If I can, my usual night routine ends with me under a blanket on my couch, my chihuahua at my side, stitching away and letting the relaxation ensue. It is calming and almost like a meditation. Check out these similar opinions on the subject:

The Mental Health Benefits of Cross Stitch

Mental Well Being and Cross Stitch





We hope that you go crazy over the contents of your box every month! Unfortunately, if you are not completely and totally crazy over the box, we will not be able to accept returns. Items are curated, hand picked, handmade, and often parts of larger packs. The time and thought put into the boxes is pretty intense. If after reading this you STILL feel deeply about returning, please email us at spotyourcolors@gmail.com and let us know what displeases you. Hopefully we can work out a deal, trade, coupon, something.


If you signed up for your box via this website, you will be automatically enrolled in monthly boxes and charged monthly. If you want to cancel your subscription, simply log into your account on our website or via the email link you received when you placed your order. You can also send us an email at nicole@spotyourcolors.com and we can take care of the cancellation for you. Please let us know if you have paid for a month and do not want it, otherwise you will receive it as you last box.


Your RagTagBox ships the 1st week of the month AFTER you order.
RagTagBox ships in a box currently sized at 7” x 6” x 1”.International shipping is currently not available.


Please email nicole@spotyourcolors.com to let me know about address changes.


If you would like to send out a gift box or subscription, please leave the new address in the notes of the purchase OR email us at nicole@spotyourcolors.com.

RagTagBox is a cross stitch box of fun.  It contains all the supplies needed to sew the design, just add scissors. Items include patterns, link to other patterns, instructions, link to how-to videos, fabric, hoop, needle & threads. Some kits will be available for individual purchase later via our etsy page nikkibydesign.com or our website spotyourcolors.com.


Our digital subscribers receive 1 digital download cross stitch pattern, designed by Spot Colors, every month.  Emails will be sent out with a link for download on the first Saturday of the month after you subscribe.  For instance, if you sign up on February 20th, 2016, you will get your first pattern in your inbox on March 5th, 2016.  There may be some cases where we are just too excited to wait!  But anticipate your pattern delivery to be the first Saturday of the month.